Why We Americans Loves Our Veterans


1. If we lost World War II, we would all be speaking German and following idiot Hitler.

2. To date, 1.1 million veterans have lost their lives fighting for our country.

3. Because the United States of American is the best fucking country in the world.

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3 Teams That Have Won The Most Super Bowls

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)

2. New England Patriots (5)

3. San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys (5)

When will someone catch the Pittsburgh Steelers?

3 States with the Lowest Taxes

1. Alaska (6.5% of income)

2. South Dakota (7.1% of income)

3. Wyoming (7.1% of income)

Would you move to any of these States?

3 States With The Most Miss America and Miss USA Winners

1. California (12 winners)

2. Texas (12 winners)

3. New York (10 winners)

Does this mean that California, Texas and New York have the most attractive women?

3 Best Scenes from the Movie Bridesmaids

1. Food Poisoning

2. Best Friend Speech

3. Airplane ride

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3 Ways to Know if a Man Wants To Marry You

1. He stops hanging out with his friends.

2. He invites you to meet his family.

3. He plans an out-of-town trips for just the two of you.

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3 Ways to Know If a Guy Likes You

1. He is always teasing you.

2. He makes up excuses to hang out with you.

3. He find ways to touch you.

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3 Steps to Safe Driving

1. Drive the speed limit.

2. Maintain a three second following distance behind the closest car in front of you.

3. Stay alert and anticipate what cars around you are doing at all times.

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3 Ways to Become a Great Business Leader

1. Read business and investing articles in the Wall Street Journal and from other business news outlets every day.

2. Save, save and then save some more. Save so you will eventually have lots money to invest.

3. Master your selling skills and practice giving speeches every day until you become a master speaker in any situation.

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3 Best Places for Girls to Meet Professional Guys

1. You can meet lots of professional guys doing volunteer work.

2. You can meet lots of professional guys at business conferences and business networking events.

3. You can meet lots of  professional guys at happy hours in trendy locations.

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