How to Become Famous in 3 Steps

1. Find the one thing in life that you love to do and focus on that.

2. Schedule time every day of the week to work on your passion. You will need to spend over 10,000 hours of active practice before you become great.

3. Offer to work on your passion for free until someone is willing to pay you for it. (Give free speeches, play free concerts, act in plays or movies for free, etc.)

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3 Top Ways to Have a Great Job Interview – Get The Job!

1. Find out as much as you can about the person you are interviewing with (check Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and use it to establish an immediate connection.

2. Practice answering interview questions at least 7 times any tailor your answers to how you can help the company.

3. Dress professionally and arrive to the interview 15 minutes early.

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3 Ways for Bloggers to Drive Web Traffic to Their Blog

1. Post guest blogs on and add a link to your blog.

2. Add a comment to one of the blog posts on

3. Join the community and post status updates. You earn free advertising when you post status updates.

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How to Be Happy And Excited About Life Every Day in 3 Steps

1. Thank God for 3 great things in your life every morning before you get out of bet. Meditate for 5 minutes while you smile.

2. Make it a habit to run or walk 3 miles every day.

3. Try to do something nice for at least 3 people every day.

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How To Graduate Early From College in 3 Steps

1. Take one or two extra hours every quarter or semester.

2. Try to test out of as many basic courses as possible.

3. Go to summer school every year.

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How To Get Excellent Grades and Also Party in College in 3 Steps

1. Allocate a little time every day to study for each of your classes. Don’t wait until the last minute to study for your tests.

2. If you have classes the next day, try to leave the party before 1:00 a.m.

3. Try to limit your partying to on the weekend unless it is a special occassion.

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Live A Great Life in 3 Steps Every Day

1. Wake up every morning and thank God for 3 great things in your life.

2. Run or walk 3 miles every day.

3. Do something nice for 3 people every day.

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3 Things Successful People Do That Unsuccessful People Don’t Do

1. Successful people are always learning. They read everything they can and believe in continuous learning.

2. Successful people wake up early and get things done while other people are still sleeping.

3. Successful people make concise decisions and focus on making their decisions successful.

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How to Be a Math Genius in 3 Steps

1. Make it a point to practice math every day and take the hardest math classes at your school.

2. Play math related games like 24 as much as possible.

3. Try to solve at least one difficult math problem every day.

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3 Top Party Colleges in the United States

1. University of Florida

2. University of Alabama

3. Penn State

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