3 Greatest Oscar Best Picture Winners

1. Titanic

2. Forest Gump

3. Godfather

Do you agree?

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“Would You Rather” Question – Pick a Date

Would you rather:

1.  Date Kate Upton

2. Date Megan Fox

3. Date Selena Gomez

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3 Sexiest Women Alive

1. Jennifer Biel

2. Jessica Alba

3. Scarlett Johansson

Do you agree?

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Top 3 Ways To Break A Shopping Habit

1. Find a hobby other than shopping

2. Lock up your credit cards and only use cash.

3. Keep a journal of everything you buy and why you bought it.

Do you agree?

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“Would You Rather” Question – Drinking

Would you rather:

1. Drink a glass of liquor.

2. Bottle of wine.

3. A gallons of beer.

Which on would you pick?

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3 Top Ways To Learn a New Language

1. Download a language app and practice every day.

2. Find some friends that speak the language and practice with them.

3. Watch TV shows in the language you are learning.

Do you agree?

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Top 3 Ways to Go on Vacation Without Spending A Lot of Money

1. Turn a business trip into a extended vacation.

2. Go on discount travel sites and buy the cheapest airline ticket available.

3.  Drive to cities of out-of-town friends and family and stay with them for a few days.

Do you agree?

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3 Best Comedy Movies of All Times

1. Trading Places

2. Old School and Wedding Crashers (Tie)

3. The Hangover

Do you agree?

3 Teams That Have Won The Most Super Bowls

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)

2. New England Patriots (5)

3. San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys (5)

When will someone catch the Pittsburgh Steelers?

3 States With The Most Miss America and Miss USA Winners

1. California (12 winners)

2. Texas (12 winners)

3. New York (10 winners)

Does this mean that California, Texas and New York have the most attractive women?