Which 3 NFL Teams Have The Richest Fans

1. San Francisco 49ers

2. Seattle Seahawks

3. New York Jets/Giants

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The Best Way To Enjoy College Football Without Actually Going To The Game

1. Find a sports bar close to the stadium and watch the game there.

2. Invite all of your friends out to watch the game.

3. Mix in some football themed drinking games as part of your watching experience (for example, everybody take a shot for every touchdown).

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3 Reasons Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

1. Colleges and universities make millions of dollars off of college athletes.

2. Most college athletes’ careers end when they finish college.

3. Many college athletes come from underserved communities and have limited sources of income.

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3 Best Football Movies of All Time

1. Jerry Maguire (1996)

2. Any Given Sunday (1999)

3. Varsity Blues – aka Whip Cream (1999)

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3 Greatest NFL Defensive Players of All Time

1. Reggie White

2. Mike Singletary

3. Ray Lewis

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3 Greatest College Running Backs of All Time

1. Herschel Walker (Georgia)

2. Bo Jackson (Auburn)

3. Adrian Perterson (Oklahoma)

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3 Greatest College Quarterbacks of All Time

1. Tim Tebow

2. Johnny Manziel

3. Cam Newton

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3 Greatest Chicago Bears of All Time

1. Walter Payton

2. Mike Singletary

2. Gale Sayers

Honorable Mention – Dick Buckus, Brian Urlacher

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3 Best College Football Stadiums to Watch a Game

1. Notre Dame Stadium

2. Bryant–Denny Stadium (Alabama)

3. Tiger Stadium (LSU)

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3 Teams with the Best Odds of Winning the Super Bowl

1. New England Patriots – 7/1 odds

2. Los Angeles Rams – 10/1 odds

3. Minnesota Vikings (tied) – 10/1 odds

3. Philadelphia Eagles (tied) – 10/1 odds

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (tied) 10/1 odds

Who will win the Super Bowl!