3 Best Medieval Towns in Europe

1. Prague, Czech Republic

2. San Gimignano, Italy

3. Gruyeres, Switzerland

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3 Top Athletes of All Time

1. Seabiscuit (Horse Racing)

2. Michael Jordan (Basketball)

3. Jim Brown (Football)

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How To Transform Your Long Distance Relationship In 3 Simple Steps

1. Always tell your partner how much you love him or her and don’t let the distance make you possessive or paranoid.

2. Share feelings openly with each other. Do not be afraid to tell your partner what you really need and when you are physically together and having sex, try to throw each other’s back out.

3. Make your relationship a high priority. Talk to your partner on a daily basis and start making plans to move to the same city (start taking steps to make it happen).

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3 Choice Would You Rather Question – Dangerous Animals

Would you rather:

1. Have to spend 1 minutes in a pool with a great white shark.

2. Spend an night in the forest with grizzly bear.

3. Spend a day in a house with a wild lion.

Which one would you choose?

3 Reasons Why Dating a Short Man Could Be Fun

1. If he gets out of line, you can kick his ass.

2. You can do tricks with him in bed.

3. You can use him as bait to get a taller man.

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3 Top Teams in the NBA Western Conference for the 2020-2021 Season

1. Los Angeles Clippers

2. Los Angeles Lakers

3. Houston Rockets

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3 Top Cities to Visit in South America

1. Rio, Brazil

2 Buenos Aires, Argentina

3. Cartagena, Colombia

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3 Ways to Know He is the Marrying Type

1. He treats his mom very well.

2. He is a gentleman and opens doors and pays for dinner without question.

3. He is kind to waiters and waitresses at restaurants and to people in similar jobs.

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Top 3 Songs of All Time

1. “Hotel California” by the Eagles

2. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

3. “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang

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3 Top Television Shows of All Time

1. Entourage

2. Sopranos

3. Game of Thrones

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