3 Ways To Learning How to Code

3 Steps to Finding a Job

1. Find a great resume and use it as a template to write your resume.

2. Apply for a minimum of 10 jobs a day.

3. Search on Google for the top interview questions and practice answering these questions every day. Every answer should focus on how you can help the company be successful.

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Which Tech Company Will Be The First To Reach $1 Trillion in Value

1. Amazon

2. Apple

3. Google


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If You Were The Richest Person in the World, What Would You Buy?

1. Buy your favorite Fortune 500 company and immediately fire all of senior management?


2. Buy the moon from the United Nations and start your own “Travel to the moon” service?

3. Take all of your friends and family for a six month “around the world” vacation on a luxury private jets and staying at the best luxury hotels?

What would you do?


Get a credit score of over 800 in 3 simple steps

1. Cut up all of your credit cards except the one credit card with the lowest interest rate.

2. Rank your credit cards by interest rates and pay off the highest interest rate credit cards first.

3. Do not finance any vacations, cars, appliances, clothes or electronics using a credit card. Only pay cash for these items going forward. If you can’t afford to buy these items new, buy them used.

When you payoff your credit cards, your credit score will be over 800.

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3 Most Expensive Pickup Trucks in the World

1. Toyota Tundra 4WD Platinum – $57,349

2. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country 4WD Crew Cab – $66,430

3. Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve 4WD Crew Cab – $58,690

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3 Best Credit Card Offers

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

2. Discover it Cash Back

3. Citi Double Cash Card – $150 Cash Back Offer

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3 Top News Sites in the World

1. CNN

2. BBC

3. NBC News

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Pay Off Your House in 3 Easy Steps

1. Start doubling your mortgage payments. The additional payment will all go towards your principal.

2. Create a monthly budget in Excel and track every penny that goes in and out of your house.

3. Use any influx of cash (bonuses, cash gifts, tax refunds, etc.) to pay down your mortgage.

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3 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter – $11 million

2. 1949 E90 AJS Porcupine – $7 Million

3. Ecosse ES1 Spirit – $3.6 million

Which one do you want?