3 Steps To Building a Successful Small Business

1. Focus your sales efforts on building trust with your customers.  Feature testimonials and success stories in all your advertising and collateral.  Establish yourself as the trusted company in your field.

2. Focus on growing your sales capabilities by adding sales personnel and expanding your geographical reach.  Increase your employee sales incentives and offer regular promotions to drive higher sales.  Explore every possible sales channel to find new customers.  Consider selling through affiliates online, through distributors/wholesalers, through catalogs and/or through an independent commission-only sales force.  Also a quick way to add a new sales channel to your business is to start selling your returns and old inventory on eBay.com and amazon.com.

3. Signup for supplier programs of major companies in your service areas and market your products to them.  Also focus on finding new government and non-profit customers.

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Top 3 Benefits from Lowering Taxes/Tax Reform

1. Individuals and businesses pay lower taxes every year.

2. Lower taxes can increase the overall spending and stimulate the economy.

3. Lower taxes can release the capital needed for entrepreneurs to launch new small businesses and startups.

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3 Best Online Shopping Carts

1. WooCommerce

2. Magneto

3. BigCommerce

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Top 3 Ways to Get Rich Very Fast

1. Only hang around with rich people. Your five closet friends should all be very rich.

2. Aggressively save and invest your money and look for opportunities to invest with your rich friends.

3. Get up and go to work extremely early every day and leave work very late every day until you own the company.

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Should I Secure My Blog with An SSL Certificate

1. Google is giving secured sites an extra ranking boost.

2. Keep your http inbound links by creating a secured https site in addition to your http URL.

3. Then create a 301 permanent redirect to make sure you won’t loose any of your link juice.

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Top 3 Ways to Get Promoted at Work

1. Come to work early and leave late.

2. Respond to every email and question that someone ask you immediately.

3. Volunteers for every new assignment.

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3 States with the Lowest Taxes

1. Alaska (6.5% of income)

2. South Dakota (7.1% of income)

3. Wyoming (7.1% of income)

Would you move to any of these States?

3 Ways to Become a Great Business Leader

1. Read business and investing articles in the Wall Street Journal and from other business news outlets every day.

2. Save, save and then save some more. Save so you will eventually have lots money to invest.

3. Master your selling skills and practice giving speeches every day until you become a master speaker in any situation.

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How to Pick a Great Domain Name in 3 Steps

1. Write a simple statement about what your new site will do.

2. List  5 – 10 word combinations or variations of words taken from you simple statement.

3. Check your list against GoDaddy or another domain name registrar service to see which domain names on your list are available.

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3 Top Passive Income Opportunities

1. Real estate rental properties

2. Invest in tech stocks

3. Start an online business

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