Would You Rather Question – Concerts

Would You Rather:

1. Go to an Aerosmith concert?

2. Go to a Rolling Stones concert?

3. Go to a Bon Jovi concert?

Which concert would you pick?


If You Were The Richest Person in the World, What Would You Buy?

1. Buy your favorite Fortune 500 company and immediately fire all of senior management?


2. Buy the moon from the United Nations and start your own “Travel to the moon” service?

3. Take all of your friends and family for a six month “around the world” vacation on a luxury private jets and staying at the best luxury hotels?

What would you do?


“Would You Rather” Question – Phones

Would you rather:

1. Have an iPhone?

2. Have a Samsung phone?

3. Have another phone brand?

Which one would you choose?



Would You Rather Question – Sexy Airport Test

Would you rather be stuck in an airport for 6 hours with:

1. Jennifer Lopez

2. Jennifer Garner

3. Jennifer Aniston

Which one would you choose?

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“Would You Rather” Questions – Weekends

Would you rather:

1. Spend your whole weekend partying with your friends?

2. Spend your whole weekend watching movies and laying on the couch?

3. Spend your whole weekend camping in the woods?

Which one would you pick?


3 Top News Sites in the World

1. CNN

2. BBC

3. NBC News

Do you agree?


“Would You Rather” Question – Food Preferences

Would you rather:

1. Have an expensive steak dinner?

2. Have an expensive seafood feast?

3. Have an expensive vegetarian meal?

Which one would you pick?


“Would You Rather” Question – Last Car

If you can buy any car you want, but it will be the last car for the rest of your life, would you rather?

1. Buy a Ferrari

2. Buy a Maserati

3. Buy a Mclaren

Which one would you choose?


“Would You Rather Question” – Seasons

Would you rather:

1. Go to the beach in the summer.

2. Go hiking in the fall.

3. Go skiing in the winter.

Which one would you choose.

“Would You Rather Question” – Play a Sport

Would you rather:

1. Be a starting quarterback in the National Football League.

2. Be a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball.

3. Be an AllStar Guard in the National Basketball Association.

Which one would you choose?

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