The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting a Small Business

1. Don’t think about how you can make money when you first consider starting a business, think about the things you really love to do and build your business around that.

2. Find business partners that have different skills than the ones you have. If you are creative, find business partners that are analytical. If you are a computer programmer or engineer, find business partners that have a good feel for business.

3. Start small and be patience. If you are doing what you love, you should have enough patience to work on your business long enough for it to become profitable.

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3 Most Annoying Things People Do at Work

1. Talk too loud on their cellphones and when they are on conference calls.

2. Don’t clean up after themselves (in break rooms, conference rooms and at their desks).

3. Toss their breakfast or lunch leftover trash in the garbage can in your office or cubicle.

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