3 Best Movies of all Time

1. Pretty Women

2. Scarface

3. Forest Gump

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How to Stop Your Neighbor’s Dog from Barking

1. Turn the outside flood lights on.

2. Talk to your neighbor and let them know your concern.

3. Call animal control and report your neighbor.

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3 Ways To Learning How to Code

3 Steps to Survive a Breakup

1. Hit the gym and get a makeover. Make sure the next time your Ex sees you, they will be jealous.

2. Attend as many social events as possible and spend time with your friends and family.

3. Take up a hobbie and/or volunteer your time to help someone else.

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How to Get a Man in 3 Steps

1. Learn to stroke a man’s ego. If you master this art, you can easily get any man you want.

2. Get out of the house.Go to happy hour, social events, concerts and volunteer as much as you can.

3. Get a makeover and dress sexy, but conservative.

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Top 3 Sports Cars

1. Ferrari 458 Italia

2. Lamborghini Murcielago

3. Maserati GranTurismo

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Top 3 Rock Bands of all Time


1. Rolling Stone

2. Beatles

3. Eagles

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How To Prepare for a Hurricane in 3 Steps

1. Know your evaluation route and determine where you will stay once your leave you residence in case of an impending hurricane. Know where the emergency shelters are located in your area. Pack an emergency duffle bag that include nonperishable foods, a flash light, candles, a battery powered radio, a change of clothes, bottle water, etc.

2. Create a contact list of your insurance company, local law enforcement offices, emergency shelters, FEMA, friends and relatives. Put this list in your car or in your emergency duffle bag. Exam your home and develop a plan to secure windows and doors if you are required to evacuate.

3. Keep a non-cordless telephone that does not require electric power in your residence.  Since local telephone service work on its own power supply, local telephone lines often work after hurricanes, even though the electricity is out. Also, make sure that your mobile phone is charged and that you have a charged backup battery available. Consider purchasing a backup generator to provide power to your residence in case of a power outage. Make sure you have extra gasoline stored in a safe place that can power your backup generator.

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How to Run A Marathon in 3 Steps

1. Start training at least 26 weeks before the race.

2. Run a mile the first week and and add a mile a week for 20 weeks. Then reduce your distance by one mile over the next 5 weeks. Take the last week of before your race.

3. If you can’t run the whole distance, practice a run as much as you can, walk and rest strategy. Try to run in longer stretches over time.

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What College Football Teams Have Won The Most National Championships?

1. Alabama – 11 championships

2. Notre Dame – 8 championships

3. Ohio State – 8 championships

What’s your team?

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