3 Highest Paid Female Singers of 2018

1. Katy Perry – $83 million

2. Taylor Swift – $80 million

3. Beyonce – $60 million

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“Would You Rather Question – Travel

Would you rather:

1. Spend a romantic weekend with someone you love.

2. Spend a party weekend with your closest friends.

3. Spend a quiet weekend with your family.

Which one would you choose?

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Top 3 Ways to Rekindle A Boring Marriage

1. Plan a date night at least once a week.  Alternate on who decides what you are going to do on your date night. Spend a night in a hotel at least once a quarter.  Use this time to rekindle the romantic part of your relationship. Also schedule a long walk with your spouse at least once a week. Use the time while you walk to just talk and have fun.  Don’t talk about family business.

2. Tell your spouse “I love you”  before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning and make a list of the things you love about your spouse every week. Finally, give your spouse a surprise gift once a month as a show of your affection.

3. Start working out on a regular basis. If you can’t get to the gym, exercise at home.

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How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Steps

1.  Try to cut your total calories by 5% a week for 5 weeks straight while increasing the amount of number you burn by 5% for 5 weeks straight.

2. Make sure to combine weight training with cardio vascular exercises and be patient.

3. Stop going out to dinner and if you do go to out to dinner, know what you are going to order before you get to the restaurant. Also stop eating fast foods and only eat healthy snacks.

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How To Unfriend An Annoying Person on Facebook Without Offending Them

1. Wait until the person has a break in the frequently of their posts before you unfriend them.

2. Consider unfriending their friends as well to avoid seeing their overflow posts.

3. Do not tell any of your friends that you have unfriended this person. If you do, the person you unfriended will eventually hear about it.

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3 Top Romantic Movies of All Time

1. Sleepless in Seattle

2. Titanic

3. Pretty Woman

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Check to See If Your Friends Are On Life Is A Post in 3 Steps

1. Go to https://www.lifeisapost.com

2. Click on Social from the main menu

3. Browse for your friends already on Life Is A Post

3 Top Job Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Why to you want this job?

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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How To Cure Your Social Media Addiction

1. Delete your social media apps from your phone and turn off your social media notifications.

2. Limit access to your social media accounts to once or twice a day and do not look a social media site from your phone.

3. Find a hobbie that does not involve social media.

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3 Steps to Stopping Online Bullying

1. Immediately unfriend/block/unfollowing the person bullying you online. Don’t let the online bullying build up over time.

2. Report the online bully to your parents, the site you are on, to the authorities at the school you attend and to your local law enforcement officials.

3. Respond to potential bullying with positive quotes, poems and sayings. Don’t accept online bullying.

Do you agree with this approach?

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