Top 3 Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s Birthday

1. Give her and a girlfriend a day at the spa.

2. Surprise her with an exotic trip.

3. Take of a shopping spree at her favorite store.

Do you agree?

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“Would You Rather” Question – Fight

Would you rather:

1. Get kicked in the nuts.

2. Get kneed in the gut.

3. Get punched in the face.

Which one would you choose.

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Top 3 Ways to Listen to Free Music

1. Search for the band on and listen to the band while you watch the video.

2. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to listen to music from the speakers.

3. Use the free version of Slacker, Pandora or Spotify to listen to free music from your phone.

Do you agree?

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3 Reasons Why Men Buy Expensive Sports Cars

1. Men buy expensive sports cars because the roar of the engines of sports cars makes beautiful women horny.

2. Men buy expensive sports cars because driving expensive sports cars increase men’s testosterone levels.

3. Men buy expensive sports cars to feel rich and famous and to get laid.

Do you agree?

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy in 3 Easy Steps

1. Start serving healthy foods to your kids at a young age. Set a good example for your kids by eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains yourself.

2. Search for healthy recipes and prepare healthy food with your children.

3. Play educational nutrition games online with your children and make eating healthy fun.

Do you agree?

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“Would You Rather” Question – Pets

Would You Rather:

1. Own your own tiger.

2. Own your own python snake.

3. Own your own alligator.

Which one would you choose?

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Top 3 Country Singers of All Time

1. Willie Nelson

2. George Strait

3. Garth Brooks

Do you agree?

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How To Have a Kick Ass Party in 3 Steps

1. Use social sites, dating apps, hand out flyers, etc.; whatever it takes the invite the finest, sexiest, prettiest, nicest women you can find. Don’t worry about inviting men. Men will always finds to the good parties.

2. Rent a margarita machine and buy lots of liquor, beer and wine. Also, make sure you have a lot of food. Serving alcohol without food is a bad idea.

3. Play some cool music and encourage people to dance. If you do this, you will have a kick ass party.

Do you agree?

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Top 3 Online Porn Sites




Do you agree?

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3 Streams of Income That Will Make You a Millionaire

1. Buy stocks that pay dividends and hold them for a long period of time in order to generate dividend income.

2. Start investing in rental properties and add new rental properties over time in order to generate rental income.

3. Buy tech stocks that you expect to grow over time in order to generate capital gains.

Do you agree?

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