3 Streams of Income That Will Make You a Millionaire

1. Buy stocks that pay dividends and hold them for a long period of time in order to generate dividend income.

2. Start investing in rental properties and add new rental properties over time in order to generate rental income.

3. Buy tech stocks that you expect to grow over time in order to generate capital gains.

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3 Life Lesson’s from the Movie A Dog’s Purpose

1. Have fun, obviously. Whenever possible,

2. Find someone to save, and save them. Lick the ones you love.

3. Don’t get all sad-faced about what happened and scrunchy-faced about what could. Just be here now.

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“Would You Rather” Questions – Weekends

Would you rather:

1. Spend your whole weekend partying with your friends?

2. Spend your whole weekend watching movies and laying on the couch?

3. Spend your whole weekend camping in the woods?

Which one would you pick?


3. Guaranteed Steps to Meet A Good Man


1. Consistently hit the gym at least three times a week.  Smile and project a sense of happiness, even when you are sad.

2. Try to meet a minimum of two men every day. Learn the art of flirting. Learn to stroke men’s ego.  Practice complimenting men.

3. Attend a minimum of two social or volunteering events every week.  Start following your favorite sports team; a woman that loves sports is a Godsend for a man. 

3 Steps to Finding a Job

1. Find a great resume and use it as a template to write your resume.

2. Apply for a minimum of 10 jobs a day.

3. Search on Google for the top interview questions and practice answering these questions every day. Every answer should focus on how you can help the company be successful.

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