3 Steps To Building a Successful Small Business

Do your own research:


1. Learn about design thinking and use design thinking to create new products and design internal processes for your business.

Learn about design thinking – http://www.sobesoft.com/run-your-own-design-thinking-session/

2. Focus on growing your sales capabilities by adding sales personnel and expanding your geographical reach.  Increase your employee sales incentives and offer regular promotions to drive higher sales.  Explore every possible sales channel to find new customers.  Consider selling through affiliates online, through distributors/wholesalers, through catalogs and/or through an independent commission-only sales force.  Also a quick way to add a new sales channel to your business is to start selling your returns and old inventory on eBay.com and amazon.com.

3. Signup for supplier programs of major companies in your service areas and market your products to them.  Also focus on finding new government and non-profit customers.

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