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Top 3 Myths About Married People versus Single People

1. Sex – After you get married, you have sex all the time. Some married men and women masterbate more when they are married than they did when they were single.

2. Money – You will save money when you get married and buy a house. This is far from the truth. You will spend significantly more money for housing, food, travel, etc. when you are married.

3. Fun – Married people are boring. When single and married people go out together, it’s usually the married people that are the life of the party.

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Top 3 Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s Birthday

1. Give her and a girlfriend a day at the spa.

2. Surprise her with an exotic trip.

3. Take of a shopping spree at her favorite store.

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How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy in 3 Easy Steps

1. Start serving healthy foods to your kids at a young age. Set a good example for your kids by eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains yourself.

2. Search for healthy recipes and prepare healthy food with your children.

3. Play educational nutrition games online with your children and make eating healthy fun.

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Top 3 Ways to Rekindle A Boring Marriage

1. Plan a date night at least once a week.  Alternate on who decides what you are going to do on your date night. Spend a night in a hotel at least once a quarter.  Use this time to rekindle the romantic part of your relationship. Also schedule a long walk with your spouse at least once a week. Use the time while you walk to just talk and have fun.  Don’t talk about family business.

2. Tell your spouse “I love you”  before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning and make a list of the things you love about your spouse every week. Finally, give your spouse a surprise gift once a month as a show of your affection.

3. Start working out on a regular basis. If you can’t get to the gym, exercise at home.

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3 Steps to Stopping Online Bullying

1. Immediately unfriend/block/unfollowing the person bullying you online. Don’t let the online bullying build up over time.

2. Report the online bully to your parents, the site you are on, to the authorities at the school you attend and to your local law enforcement officials.

3. Respond to potential bullying with positive quotes, poems and sayings. Don’t accept online bullying.

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“Would You Rather” Question – Marriage

Would you rather:

1. Be married to a celebrity for a month?

2. Be married to a supermodel for year?

3. Be married to your soul mate for a lifetime?

Which one would you choose?

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Top 3 Dog Breeds to Own as Pets

1. Golden Retriever

2. Labrador Retriever

3. Collie

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How to Buy The Perfect Gift For Kids

1. Find out about the interests of the parents; like father and mother, like son or daughter. Also make sure you consider the age of the kids and buy a gift that is relevant to their ages.

2. Consider buying a musical instrument.  Music can stimulate a kid’s mind.

3. Plan in advance. Spend some time thinking about how your gift can impact a kid’s life. Use the power of the internet to do your research.

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3 Questions a Wife Should Never Ask Her Husband

1. What are you doing?

2. Do I look fat in this dress?

3.  What are you thinking about?

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