3 Weekend Getaways for Couples in Love

1. New York City

2. Austin, Texas

3. Washington, DC

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3 Worst Pickup Lines of All Time

1. Hey, girl. Are you German?  Cause I wanna be “Ger-man”!

2. I’ve lost my teddy bear! Can I sleep with you instead?

3. Do you work at Subway?  Cause you just gave me a foot-long.

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What To Do If An Ex-Girlfriend Tries To Friend You on Facebook

1. Do not accept the request, expecially if you wife or girlfriend is friends with you.

2. If you do accept the request, make sure you tell your significant other about it before she sees it on her own.

3. If your ex-girlfriends starts to be active on your Facebook page, quietly unfriend her.

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3 Signals That He Is Really Into You

1. He finds excuses to be around you.

2. He gets nervous when he is around you.

3. He is willing to stop hanging out with his friends so that he can hangout with you.

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3 Signals That She Is Really Into You

1. She laughs at all of your jokes. Even if they are not funny.

2. She finds reasons to touch randomly touch you when you are talking to her.

3. When you she is talking to you, her eyes are looking at you up and down.

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How To Date Beautiful Women on a Budget

1. Find local events in your area that you can turn into a to date (Museum opening, business launches, local festivals, etc.). Review your local events calendar every week.

2. Connect with friends that love to have house parties and take your dates with you to their parties.

3. Learn how to cook and invite women over to your place for a romantic dinner.

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How To Pick a Great Girlfriend

1. Try to find a girlfriend with a limited amount drama. The more the drama, the tougher the relationship.

2. Try to find a girlfriend that has a lot of friends. Girls without a lot of friends will be dependent on you for all of their needs.

3. Try to find a girlfriend that is physically fit. Also, check out her mother. If you planning on marrying her, that’s what she will look like in 20 years.

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How to Pick A Great Boyfriend

1. Try to find a boyfriend with good manners. Does he open the door for you? Does he pull your chair out?  Bad manners could be bad sign of things to come for your relationship down the road.

2. Try to find a boyfriend that has a lot of friends. Having lots of friends is an interesting indicator of the quality of the person’s personality.

3. Try to find a boyfriend that treats his mother well. The way he treats his mother will be how he eventually treats you.

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How To Avoid Getting Stuck With a $200 Dinner Bill On An Online Date

1. You should dictate were you will meet for your date. Have a time and place already selected. Avoid letting her suggest expensive places that you are not familiar with.

2. Consider meeting for coffee, at a park, in the library or other places that don’t cost much money.

3. Always have an exit plan if the conversation turns to dinner. For example, I have to pick a friend up from the airport.

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How To Get A Boyfriend in 3 Easy Steps

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