3 Best Comedy Stand Up Acts of All Time

1. Eddie Murphy – Raw

2. Richard Pryor – Live on the Sunset Strip

3. Dave Chappelle – For What It’s Worth

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How To Get Into 3 of the Best Clubs in Las Vegas For Less Than $100

1. Go to Groupon and search for Pub Crawls in Las Vegas.

2. Buy the discounted Groupon Pub Crawl package (usually $20 to $60).

3. Show up at the specified location on time and get VIP entry (and free food and drinks) into 3 great Las Vegas clubs.

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3 Best Reality TV Shows on Bravo TV

1. Shads of Sunset

2. Real Housewives of Potomac

3. Southern Comfort – Charleston

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Best Streaming Services To Watch Movies

1. NetFlix

2. Amazon Prime

3. DirecTV/DirecTV Now

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How To Date Beautiful Women on a Budget

1. Find local events in your area that you can turn into a to date (Museum opening, business launches, local festivals, etc.). Review your local events calendar every week.

2. Connect with friends that love to have house parties and take your dates with you to their parties.

3. Learn how to cook and invite women over to your place for a romantic dinner.

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“Would You Rather” Question – Movies

Would you rather:

1. Watch Pretty Woman

2. Watch the Avengers

3. Watch Friday the 13th

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How To Get A Boyfriend in 3 Easy Steps

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3 Top Supermodels of All Time

1. Heidi Klum

2. Gisele Bündchen


3. Tyra Banks

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How To Have A Great Night of Partying in 3 Steps

1. Have a good dinner before you go out. Coat your stomach.  Drink water while you drink to stay hydrated and remember “beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear”.

2. Get out early. Waiting in line is not cool. Smile and have fun when you are out. Don’t be so serious.

3. Get on the dance floor.  Don’t be a wall flower. Party with friends that you like. Leave your boring friends at home.

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3 Greatest NFL Football Players of All Time

1. Jerry Rice

2. Jim Brown

3. Tom Brady

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