3 Best Comedy Stand Up Acts of All Time

1. Eddie Murphy – Raw

2. Richard Pryor – Live on the Sunset Strip

3. Dave Chappelle – For What It’s Worth

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3 Highest Paid Female Actresses

1. Scarlett Johansson – $41 million

2. Angelina Jolie – $28 million

3. Jennifer Aniston – $20 million

Who will be the highest paid actress next year?


Best Streaming Services To Watch Movies

1. NetFlix

2. Amazon Prime

3. DirecTV/DirecTV Now

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3 Best Sports Movies of All Time

1. Any Given Sunday

2. Miracle

3. MoneyBall

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3 Worst Movies of all Time

1. Waterworld

2. Catwoman

3. Who Framed Roger Rabit

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3 Best Love Story (Romantic) Movies of All Time

1. The Notebook

2. Titanic

3. Love Story

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“Would You Rather” Question – Movies

Would you rather:

1. Watch Pretty Woman

2. Watch the Avengers

3. Watch Friday the 13th

Which one would you choose? Comment below.

Top 3 Movie Directors of All Time

1. Quentin Tarantino

2. Martin Scorsese

3. Steven Spielberg

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How To Get Motivated in 3 Simple Steps

1. Watch motivational movies that inspires you.

2. Read or listen to motivational books.

3. Go to Youtube.com and search “motivation” to watch motivational videos.

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How to Suggest A Topic For Life Is A Post.com

1. Suggest that we write a 3 step post on a problem you are having. For example, how do I train my dog?

2. Suggest that we write a 3 step post on a question you have? For example, who was the coolest First Lady?

3. Suggest that we write a 3 step post on getting advice on something? For example, how do I breakup with my boyfriend?

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