3 Best Contemporary Jazz Singers of All Time

1. Kenny G.

2. David Sandborn

3. Johnathan Butler

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3 Best Names for Male Dogs

1. Rusty

2. Duke

3. Max

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3 Best Places for Singles to Party in Europe

1. Ibiza, Spain

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Zagreb, Croatia

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3 Best TV Series on NetFlix

1. Orange Is the New Black

2. House of Cards

3. Stranger Things

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3 Best Music Festivals in the United States

1. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

2. Coachella

3. South By South West

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3 Best Female Soul and R&B Artists of All Time

1. Aretha Franklin

2. Gladys Knight

3. Whitney Houston

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3 Best Comedy Stand Up Acts of All Time

1. Eddie Murphy – Raw

2. Richard Pryor – Live on the Sunset Strip

3. Dave Chappelle – For What It’s Worth

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How to Look Lean and Trim in 3 Steps

1. Lift weights 4 or 5 times and week. Run at least a mile on your off days.

2. Increase your reps to 15 to 20 reps per set to build lean muscle mass.

3. Significantly reduce the amount of cards and fats in your diet.

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How to Be a Math Genius in 3 Steps

1. Make it a point to practice math every day and take the hardest math classes at your school.

2. Play math related games like 24 as much as possible.

3. Try to solve at least one difficult math problem every day.

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3 Highest Paid Female Actresses

1. Scarlett Johansson – $41 million

2. Angelina Jolie – $28 million

3. Jennifer Aniston – $20 million

Who will be the highest paid actress next year?