3 Best Places for Singles to Party in Europe

1. Ibiza, Spain

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Zagreb, Croatia

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3 Best Music Festivals in the United States

1. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

2. Coachella

3. South By South West

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What To Do If You Are Away From Home and You Have Had Too Much To Drink

1. Call your significant other and let them know the situation.

2. Look for a nearby hotel and spend the night there.

3. Ask someone to drop you off at home or take an Uber.

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How To Get Into 3 of the Best Clubs in Las Vegas For Less Than $100

1. Go to Groupon and search for Pub Crawls in Las Vegas.

2. Buy the discounted Groupon Pub Crawl package (usually $20 to $60).

3. Show up at the specified location on time and get VIP entry (and free food and drinks) into 3 great Las Vegas clubs.

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3 Best Places to Go on a College Road Trip

1. Miami, Florida

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

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3 Tastiest Beers in the World

1. Presidente Beer – Dominican Republic

2. Chimay Blue Beer – Belgium

3. Tsingtao Beer – China

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3 Top Party Colleges in the United States

1. University of Florida

2. University of Alabama

3. Penn State

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How To Get Rid of an Online Stalker in 3 Steps

1. Stop responding to the stalker’s posts and comments.

2. Take a social media break. Stop posting for two weeks.

3. Unfriend the stalker and block all their requests.

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3 Best Party Places to Go in the World

1. Rio, Brazil

2. South Beach, Florida

3. Bangkok, Thailand

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How To Have A Great Night of Partying in 3 Steps

1. Have a good dinner before you go out. Coat your stomach.  Drink water while you drink to stay hydrated and remember “beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear”.

2. Get out early. Waiting in line is not cool. Smile and have fun when you are out. Don’t be so serious.

3. Get on the dance floor.  Don’t be a wall flower. Party with friends that you like. Leave your boring friends at home.

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