3 Reasons Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

1. Colleges and universities make millions of dollars off of college athletes.

2. Most college athletes’ careers end when they finish college.

3. Many college athletes come from underserved communities and have limited sources of income.

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3 Top News Sites in the World

1. CNN

2. BBC

3. NBC News

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3 Things Rich People do that Rich People Don’t Do

1. Rich people hang around with other rich people. They get investment, business and cultural ideas from each other.

2. Rich people don’t waste a lot of time watching mindless TV. They do watch sports and specific shows, but they don’t watch an endless amount of mindless TV.

3. Rich people maintain a positive, can do attitude regardless of what happens in their lives. The expect the glass to always to be half full; and most of the time rich people get what they expect.

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3 Top Steps to Become a Business Executive 

Do your own research:


1. Dress better than anyone else in your office.

2. Get to work early and leave work late every day.

3. Practice giving speeches every day until you become a great speaker and gifted communicator.

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Top 3 Search Results on Google For Donald Trump

1. donald trump on Twitter


2. Donald Trump – Wikipedia


3. Donald J. Trump for President


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How to Give a Great Speech Every Time in 3 Steps

Do your own research:


1. Create a written outline that contains high level topics for your speech (what you want to talk about). Include a list of key points you want to address under each high level topic.

2. Practice giving your speech a minimum of 10 times.  Start practicing at least 3 days before the day of your speech. Use your speech outline as a guide when you practive.

3. Practice your speech 7 more times without your outline and only based on your memory. Practice until you can confidently give your speech.

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Top 3 Benefits from Lowering Taxes/Tax Reform

1. Individuals and businesses pay lower taxes every year.

2. Lower taxes can increase the overall spending and stimulate the economy.

3. Lower taxes can release the capital needed for entrepreneurs to launch new small businesses and startups.

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3 Cool Things About The Late Senator John McCain

1. John McCain graduated 5th from last in his class from the U.S. Naval Academy.

2. John McCain was a Korean War hero.

3. John McCain won six U.S. senate elections in a row and ran for President of the United States twice.

God Bless John McCain!


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