3 Top News Sites in the World

1. CNN

2. BBC

3. NBC News

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Shop Smart and Save Money This Holiday Season in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create a budget this holiday season and stick to it.

2. If you are buying gifts with credit cards and carrying that balance on your credit cards, rank you credit cards from the ones that you pay the highest interest rates on to the lowest interest rates. Then use the credit cards with the lowest interest rates first when you are shopping for gifts.

3. Do not impulse buy any gifts. Research your gifts online first to get the best prices.

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“Would You Rather” Question – Want To Be Famous

Would you rather:

1. Be famous for a month.

2. Be rich for a year.

3. Be happy with no fame or money for a lifetime.

Which one would you choose?

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3 Drinks That Don’t Give You A Hangover

Do your own research:


1. Vodka (Clear)

2. Gin (Clear)

3. Rum (Clear)

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3 Top Steps to Save Money on Health Care

1. Exercise at least 3 times a week.

2. Use medical saving cards for discounts on your medications.

3. Go to clinics and other low cost health care providers for non-life threating illnesses.

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How to Suggest A Topic For Life Is A Post.com

1. Suggest that we write a 3 step post on a problem you are having. For example, how do I train my dog?

2. Suggest that we write a 3 step post on a question you have? For example, who was the coolest First Lady?

3. Suggest that we write a 3 step post on getting advice on something? For example, how do I breakup with my boyfriend?

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