3 Websites That You Would Absolutely Love, But Have Never Heard Of Before

1. Search Engine – SearchOurWeb.com

2. Social Network – MyCoolFriend.com

3. Online News and Classified Site – LifeisaPost.com

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NFL Teams That Have Never Won The Super Bowl

Do your own research:


1. Bengals, Bills, Browns and Cardinals

2. Chargers, Falcons, Jaguar and Lions

3. Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings

Who will be the next team to break through?

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3 Ways To Stop Dating A Person Without Hurting Their Feelings

1. Stop calling, texting and messaging the person you are trying to get rid of slowly over a two or three week period.

2. If the person you are trying to get rid of messages or text you, limit your responses to one or two responses.

3. If you see the person you are trying to get rid of, do not show them any affection.

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“Would You Rather Question” – For Men


Would you rather?

1. Spend a weekend with Jessica Alba.

2. Attend a week of Super Bowl activities and the game with seats on the 50 yard, three rows up.

3. Spend a month in Rio, Brazil on Copacabana Beach.

What would you choose?

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