“Would You Rather Question” – For Men


Would you rather?

1. Spend a weekend with Jessica Alba.

2. Attend a week of Super Bowl activities and the game with seats on the 50 yard, three rows up.

3. Spend a month in Rio, Brazil on Copacabana Beach.

What would you choose?

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3 Steps To Get The Perfect Body Fast

1. Join a gym and start exercising 4 to 5 times a week. Find a great weightlifting plan and stick to it.

2. After your body gets adjusted to your weightlifting plan, start doing 30 elevated pushups between every exercise. If you can’t do 30 elevated pushups, do as many as you can until you can do 30 elevated pushups at one time. When you are ready, add 30 dips between each exercise.

3. Stick to this routine for at least 6 months and watch your body transform.

Do you agree?

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