3 Most Expensive Homes in the World

1. The Chartwell Estate – Bel Air, CA – $350M

2. The Manor in Holmby Hills, 594 S Mapleton Dr- Los Angeles, CA 90024 – $200M

4. Owlwood in Holmby Hills – 141 N Carolwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077 – $180M

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How to Change your Life By Monitoring the Online Ads that You are Seeing

What kind of online ads you are getting? Are you getting ads for exotic vacations, Ferraris, Designer clothes, executive jobs and Rolex watches? Or are you getting ads for how to file bankruptcy, how get out our debt, truck driving school or great deals on used Ford “piece of shit” cars?

These ads are being shown to you because this is where companies think you are in life. Furthermore, companies are using advanced artificial intelligence to serve these to you so these ads are probably “spot on” in terms of your current status in life.

Why are they serving these ads? Because this is the behavior that is being displayed online by you. These ads are based on the websites you go to, the friends you have a social media, the news you read and the searches you make online. These ads are a profile of your life.

So how can I use these online ads to improve my life?

1. Start visiting online sites and reading news articles that successful people visit and read. Start accepting only positive successful people as your online friends (not that “drunk ass” high school friend that is still talking about high school football). They say that your salary is the average of 5 of your closes friends. So if you are not making enough money, find better friends.

2. If you see an online ad that does not reflect who you want to be, immediately search for something positive online and click one of those ads. For example, if you get an online ad for a “piece of shit” Ford car to buy, immediate search for Ferraris or Lamborghinis for sale.

3. As the online ads that you see start to change and become more positive, start taking steps to improve your life. Take an online class, learn software programming or start a small business. Do something positive to reinforce what you want to be in life.

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Want to Rid America of Racism, Implement the Rooney Rule for all Companies over 100 employees!


Want to Rid America of racism, implement the Rooney Rule for all companies over 100 employees!

1. Require all companies with over 100 employees to interview at least one black candidate for every job opening.

2. Over time, employees will recognize that talented employees come from all races and within 5-years and most company employees will look more like the customers they serve.

3. This action will significantly increase the productivity of companies and will result in historic economic grow and stock market gains!

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