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How To Get Promoted During the Pandemic?

1. If you are working from home, login to your VPN early and do not logoff. Let the system time you out. If you are going to work, go to work early and leave late.

2. Respond to every email and question that someone ask you immediately. Do not delay your response.

3. Volunteers for every new assignment and for every ask from your boss and co-workers. Position yourself and the person that gets things done.

Do you agree?

PS. Don’t do what Dada did!!

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“Would You Rather Question” – Travel

Would you rather:

1. Spend a romantic weekend with someone you love.

2. Spend a party weekend with your closest friends.

3. Spend a quiet weekend with your family.

Which one would you choose?

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How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Steps

1.  Try to cut your total calories by 5% a week for 5 weeks straight while increasing the amount of calories you burn by 5% for 5 weeks straight.

2. Make sure to combine weight training with cardio vascular exercises and be patient.

3. Stop going out to dinner and if you do go to out to dinner, know what you are going to order before you get to the restaurant. Also stop eating fast foods and only eat healthy snacks.

Do you agree?

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3 Choice Would You Rather Question – Dangerous Animals

Would you rather:

1. Have to spend 1 minutes in a pool with a great white shark.

2. Spend an night in the forest with grizzly bear.

3. Spend a day in a house with a wild lion.

Which one would you choose?

3 Steps To Building a Successful Small Business

Do your own research:

1. Learn about design thinking and use design thinking to create new products and design internal processes for your business.

Learn about design thinking –

2. Focus on growing your sales capabilities by adding sales personnel and expanding your geographical reach.  Increase your employee sales incentives and offer regular promotions to drive higher sales.  Explore every possible sales channel to find new customers.  Consider selling through affiliates online, through distributors/wholesalers, through catalogs and/or through an independent commission-only sales force.  Also a quick way to add a new sales channel to your business is to start selling your returns and old inventory on and

3. Signup for supplier programs of major companies in your service areas and market your products to them.  Also focus on finding new government and non-profit customers.

Do you agree?

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Top 3 Ways You Know You Need To Start Working Out

1. The opposition sex stops checking your out.

2. Your clothes start to get tight on you.

3. You face starts to get a little “puggy”.

Do you agree?

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3 Best Places for Girls to Meet Professional Guys

1. You can meet lots of professional guys doing volunteer work.

2. You can meet lots of professional guys at business conferences and business networking events.

3. You can meet lots of  professional guys at happy hours in trendy locations.

Do you agree?