“Would You Rather” Question – Want To Be Famous

Would you rather:

1. Be famous for a month.

2. Be rich for a year.

3. Be happy with no fame or money for a lifetime.

Which one would you choose?

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3 Steps to Tell if their Profile Picture Really Looks Like Them

Do your own research:

1. Check the listed age of the person and compare it to how old the person looks it the picture. Is the picture from 10 years ago?

2. Be very curious about pictures that only show the person’s face. That could be a signal that a person has a weight problem. People with great bodies like to show them off.

3. Check (stalk) the person’s social profiles and see if they have posted more pictures. Also, make sure you check out their friends to see of they have posted pictures of the person.

Do you agree with this opinion?

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3 Best Places for Girls to Meet Professional Guys

1. You can meet lots of professional guys doing volunteer work.

2. You can meet lots of professional guys at business conferences and business networking events.

3. You can meet lots of  professional guys at happy hours in trendy locations.

Do you agree?

How to Become a Chick Magnet in 3 Steps

1. Hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week. No pain, no gain!

2. Buy a great sports car and ride around town in style.

3. Upgrade your wardrove, get rid of those 10 year old jeans, shirts and slacks.

Do you agree?

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3 Innovative Ways to Meet Girls

Do your own research:


1. Attend meetups every week that has a lot of women members.

2. Have a house party and use dating apps to invite girls to the party.

3. Joint a yoga class and get chatty with the students.

Do you agree?

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Top 3 Ways to Breakup With Somebody

1. Send them a breakup text message.

2. Stop communicating with them.

3. Get into an argument with them and let them breakup with you.

Do you agree?

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3 Ways to Know He is the Marrying Type

1. He treats his mom very well.

2. He is a gentleman and opens doors and pays for dinner without question.

3. He is kind to waiters and waitresses at restaurants and to people in similar jobs.

Do you agree?

Top 3 Ways to Rekindle A Boring Marriage


1. Plan a date night at least once a week.  Alternate on who decides what you are going to do on your date night. Spend a night in a hotel at least once a quarter.  Use this time to rekindle the romantic part of your relationship. Also schedule a long walk with your spouse at least once a week. Use the time while you walk to just talk and have fun.  Don’t talk about family business.

2. Tell your spouse “I love you”  before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning and make a list of the things you love about your spouse every week. Finally, give your spouse a surprise gift once a month as a show of your affection.

3. Start working out on a regular basis. If you can’t get to the gym, exercise at home.

Do your agree?

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Remake Yourself and Your Life in 3 Steps

Do your own research:


1. Buy a cool new sport car that exudes excitement for everyone that sees it.

2. Get ride of your glasses and get contacts, buy new clothes and get a hip new hair style.

3. Hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week and develop a killer new body that attracts other people.

Do you agree?

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